Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Close all but the main menu in the Reporter | Click on the File menu | Preferences | Customize tab.

Turn on or off major sections of the Reporter. If a section is turned off, you won’t see any reference to it anywhere while using the Reporter. You can turn sections back on, but for the most part, you should set this once when you first start using the Reporter and then leave it.

Stations and Jobs

Some organizations use Jobs but not Stations. They uncheck Stations to simplify the main menu and tabs.

Impact Jobs are a way the Senior Corp measures outcomes of Jobs. Organizations which are not affiliated with CNCS can turn of Impact Jobs. Some find a creative alternative use.


Service Categories

Service Categories are a way the Senior Corp classifies jobs. For CNCS organizations, this is required. When Service Categories is checked on the Customize tab, you are required to select a category when adding a new job. CNCS organizations should use these as-is since they are Corporation approved.

Some health care organizations customize the Service Categories to classify their jobs. If Service Categories in enabled on this tab, the Reporter requires you to select a category when adding a new job. But you can edit the service categories in Reference Codes by deleting all existing values and adding codes useful for your organization.