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Print and Preview Timesheets

Timesheet for Single Record Preview, Print, Export and Email Procedure

You can print timesheets specific to a volunteer, station, or job from within the individual record by way of the Print button. From a Volunteer’s (or Station’s or Job’s) record:

Volunteer | Print | Word Timesheets | choose the timesheet | View button. Most times it’s best to view before printing.

When you are ready to print: Volunteer | Print | Word Timesheets | choose the timesheet | Print button.

Preparing Timesheet(s). Please wait... >
Now Printing...

Now Printing… is a very quick notice that would allow you to cancel only if you were able to click the Cancel button before the printer instantly produces prints.

FLASH! As of Reporter v6.1m, when you click the Print button you get a chance to confirm that you do want to print:


Email a Timesheet

To email an individual timesheet, open it from the record’s Print button | Word Timesheets | choose the timesheet. Click the View button. From there you can email it from Word’s File menu (you could save with a different name first).

This is quite unlike other reports which can be exported for emailing.

Email a Station Timesheet to the Station

Open Stations | Select a station | copy email address to clipboard.

Print button | Word Timesheets | highlight chosen sheet | View button | File | could save with a different name | Send to | Mail Recipient | paste in email address | Type subject | Send

Main Reports Menu Print Procedure for Timesheets

Timesheet printing procedures for all the timesheets from the Reports menu follow the printing procedures of other reports—you choose to Preview before printing or select Print/Export to save in a different format and/or attach to an email or to print.

For example: Schedules and Timesheets | Do-It-Yourself Timesheet. Click Print and you get a dialog window that lets you Preview and Print or Export, among other settings. Usually there’s a Print/Export button.

All the prefab timesheet reports present a dialog box before you choose to actually print the timesheets. And they warn that a lot of sheets will print once you click Print.

Reports | Schedules and Timesheets | Word Timesheets | choose the timesheet | Print

[Message box:]

Possible Large Print job
This will print a separate timesheet for every record.
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