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Field Lists Setup for v6.0 & 6.1

Field Lists Setup for Volunteers v6.0

Version 6.0 introduces the Volunteer Profile which offers great flexibility for viewing and tracking volunteer data. Access the settings from the Field Lists. You can find more about the types of fields in Volunteer Profile Overview.

Fields Lists

  • Close Volunteers
  • Click on the File menu
  • Click on Field Lists >
  • Click on Volunteer Fields


You can edit any fields that display a white background. Fields with a colored background appear to accept text but changes there will not save.

The column headings in the Volunteer Fields screen are Order – Field – Displayed Name – Use? -Default Value – Divider After – Show Count:


The little blank column on the far left displays an arrow to indicate a selected row/field.


The Order column starts out with rows/fields numbered 1-130. Those fields will be reordered if you move rows up or down with the Move buttons at the bottom of the screen.



The Field column describes the type of field, e.g., Checkbox, Text, Code. The background is colored, indicating that you cannot change their wording.

Displayed Name

Displayed Name column has a white background, indicating that you can change their wording to describe the field’s purpose.


The Use? column has a white background for most fields, so you can check or uncheck the checkbox to either display or hide each field on the Profile.

Default Value

The Default Value column has a white background for some fields, so you can enter text that will automatically fill for a new record. This text is editable in each record. It is most handy for city and state fields, any field that is frequently the same.

Divider After

The Divider After column lets you group fields to fit your logical work patterns by inserting a thin black bar after the selected field.

Show Count

The Show Count for things like Skills and Awards indicates how many of those values in a list you can see without scrolling. If a volunteer has more than the number designated a scroll bar lets you see the rest on the Profile screen.

The Show Count set in Field Lists to show 10 Skills and 3 Groups on the Profile screen.


The Profile screen showing 10 Skills and up to 3 Groups.


The Show Count for Contacts (Parent, Emerg., Benef., etc.) works differently. The number you set in the Show Count column determines how many contacts show on the Profile screen. Notice that when you click in the Show Count field, up and down arrows appear for adjustment.

The Show Count set in Field Lists to show 5 Contacts on the Profile screen.


The Profile screen showing 5 Contacts.


Further Information

You can find more about the types of fields in Volunteer Profile Overview.