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List Fields – Volunteer Profile Tab

The List fields (version 6.0) let you choose multiple selections, the same way that the skills list works. This example tracks prospective volunteers’ preferred branch(es) at which to work after they are accepted to be volunteers.

To set up a List field:

  • Open File | Field Lists | Volunteer Fields.
  • Scroll to List 1 (about line 113) or another available List.
  • Type a name in the Displayed Name field, something like Branch Preference.
  • Check the box in the Use? column.
  • Click the Edit List button at the bottom.
  • Add the branch names.
  • Close. Close Volunteer Fields.

To select a branch for a prospective volunteer:

  • Open Volunteers | Profile.
  • Find the Volunteer.
  • Scroll to the Branch Preference field.
  • Click the Edit Volunteer button.
  • Select each choice to mark it with the >> double arrow.
  • OK.
  • On the volunteer’s Profile you will see only the selected choices.