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Reactivate a Station and its Jobs and Placements

Reactivate Station

To reactivate a station which has been terminated, in the Stations section click the Inact. dot in the top left and then find the station. On the Dates & Info tab edit and clear the Terminated field. The station will restart and then you can reactivate any job(s) and placement(s)for that station as above.

When you edit and remove the termination date and clicked OK in the terminated station, you receive the message, “Since you have restarted this station, do you also want to restart the jobs and placements for this station that were terminated at the same time?”


If you click Yes, all the jobs and placements are reactivated, as visible on the Jobs’ Hours tab and elsewhere.

Reactivate Job

If you click NO then the jobs and placements are not reactivated.

jobsYou can manually reactivate whichever jobs and placements you choose. First open the now active Station to its Jobs screen by clicking the Jobs button below [with the yellow and black icon].

Put the dot next to Inact. above the empty jobs list. Then you will see the terminated jobs for that station.


For every job on the list remove the terminated date on its Info tab. Click edit and clear the Terminated field, click OK to save. The job will restart and then you can reactivate any placement(s).


Restart a Terminated Placement

You can reactivate a Volunteer’s placement by going to the Placements section from the middle button on the main menu. Find the volunteer and highlight that person’s job placement. Edit | clear the ended date | OK.

  • To restart a placement, open Placements from the main menu.
  • Find the Volunteer. You can use the Find field to locate the last name.
  • Find the terminated placement in the Job column.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Remove the Ended date and click OK.


Remove the ending date. Just highlight and clear it with the Delete key or use the Backspace key.