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In-Kind Reimbursements

The Reporter is set up to handle In-Kind Reimbursements automatically after you set it up with that in mind.

On your volunteers’ timesheets, you ought to request them to report the number of miles they drive. Enter that amount claimed by each volunteer in your Hours records no matter what your reimbursement limits may be. Later, when preparing reports, the Volunteer Reporter will use the reimbursement limits you entered in the Preferences section in combination with the field “Wants Reimbursement?” to determine how much of each volunteer’s claimed reimbursement will be counted as reimbursement vs. an in-kind contribution.

By checking that you have a monthly limit, in Preferences, but the monthly limit is zero, all requested reimbursements will be counted as in-kind contributions.

Reimbursement Limits

Set the Reimbursement Limits:

File | Preferences | Reimbursement Limits tab
Check: Do you reimburse volunteers at all?
Check: Mileage
Check: Do you have a monthly limit?
Fill in the amount: What is the monthly limit? [from 0 – any dollar amount] OK

When entering hours do not check/or else uncheck Wants Reimbursement? This status is copied from the volunteer’s information each time, but you can change it here which will affect only this hourly record. You should uncheck Wants Reimbursement on each volunteer’s record on the Dates & Info tab. This field affects the Hours Served Report in that if it is unchecked, all the reimbursement for this record will be counted as an in-kind donation.

Cost Per Mile

The In-kind is based upon the dollar cost per mile: for example, if your dollar cost per mile is $0.200 and the volunteer drove 50 miles the In-kind amount would = $10. If in fact you have not set the dollar cost per mile, in this same example the In-kind would be 0.

Set the cost per mile:

File | Preferences | General tab | Mileage Reimbursement amount | Cost per mile

If you set your Preferences with “Do you reimburse volunteers at all?” checked, but your monthly limit is checked and set to 0.00 under “What is the monthly limit?” then all mileage values [or whatever else is checked for reimbursing] will be reported as in-kind. If your volunteers submit mileage, all miles will report on the Hours Served | Mileage by Volunteer report along with their hours, whether Wants Reimbursement is checked or not.

The settings below send all reimbursements to in-kind status, regardless of a whether volunteer “Wants reimbursement.”


To see a tally of your in-kind contributions per item, per volunteer, run the Statistics | Total Enrollment and Hours report.

You can also report in-kind in the spreadsheet Hours Served | Summary by Volunteer. It totals each volunteer’s in-kind contributions. If you check “Include Volunteer Details,” it breaks out the in-kind contributions by category, e.g., mileage, meals, etc.