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If you have occasion to send us multiple backup files made on the same day, you can modify their names for clarity.

Please make the backups within the Reporter on the File menu | Backup.

You cannot rename the file while it is backing up but you can modify the name after it is saved. Ideally, keep the VRdata_ and .zip parts of the filename intact.

If you want to modify the filenames to distinguish them, you can insert something after the underscore. The files will be called, e.g., VRdata_20131122.zip. You can add _01 and _02, for instance: VRdata_20131122_01.zip and VRdata_20131122_02.zip.

Or VRdata_20131122_site1.zip and VRdata_20131122_site2.zip

Or simply send in two transmissions, identifying where they come from. You can send via email to support@volsoft.com as long as your organization doesn’t block it. Otherwise, you can use our upload page: volsoft.com/support/uploadfile.htm