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Bypass to Open Select Data Sets if Otherwise Unavailable

When you press F5 on the keyboard as soon as the title screen appears as the Reporter is starting, the Reporter will start without any data set selected. It will also bypass a number of system checks it performs when starting, so this intentionally is not included anywhere in the manual. This is designed to help IT who are unable to start the Reporter for a number of reasons. You have 1 second to press F5 once the title screen appears.

First, Select or Verify the Proper Data Set

The Reporter restores data to the currently selected data set.

  • Make sure everyone is out the Reporter except you.
  • Go to the File menu | Select Data Set. Or see above paragraph.
  • Highlight the correct data set.

Restore the Data from a Backup

Click the Restore Into button.

  1. Message: Are you sure you want to replace your current data….? Click OK to overwrite your existing data.
  2. Select the backup file to restore from – click the little folder icon on the right of the “Restore from this file” field browse
  3. Navigate/scroll to find the folder or drive where the backup is saved.
  4. Open the drive and/or folder.
  5. Click the backup file name once [e.g., VRdata.zip or VRdata_20091009.zip, etc.] to highlight it.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Back at the “Restore Data Files” screen click OK.

You will receive these messages:

  1. This restore file was created originally with an earlier version of the Reporter.
    Are you sure you want to restore it?
    Click OK.
  2. Verify the data set name and file path. Then confirm by clicking Yes.
  3. Finally, the Reporter will restore and reindex the data.