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In a Windows network environment, Reporter should be installed in [C:\Program Files (x86)\Reporter\] on all 64-bit workstations.

The Volunteer Reporter’s 32bit dBase application works fine on a standalone 64 bit computer as well as with typical networked workstation Reporter connecting to a data share on the network. The server version should not matter because it’s simple Windows File Sharing and the Reporter works in all versions of Windows.

Determining your operating system: In System, accessed from the Control Panel or by right-clicking Computer | Properties, you can determine your version of Windows edition andSystem Type.

Workstation installation on 64bit – install the Reporter in C:\Program Files (x86)\: “There are two Program Files directories each visible to both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The directory that stores the 32 bit files is called Program Files (x86) to differentiate between the two, while the 64 bit maintains the traditional Program Files name without any additional qualifier.

Data Folder: One little piece to the Windows7 64bit installation: In testing we found it best to have the data folder outside the Program Files folder (see below: dBASE PLUS Executable is not responding), especially if it is a local installation which will be shared peer to peer. Windows says nothing in the Program Files folder ought to be shared. The data will more commonly be networked on a server, not a workstation. For a standalone installation put the data in a Documents folder. Or if one workstation hosts the data put the data in a shared (public) folder in Documents.

Data Execution Prevention: Notably for Windows 2008 terminal server (64bit): Set DEP in Windows to “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”: (browse to) reporter.exe. See Data Execution Prevention.

Problems Encountered with wrong 64 bit Installation

Installing the Reporter networked to the data on C:\Reporter on 64bit architecture usually seems to work fine for a while. Problems which crop up are often resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Reporter in C:\Program Files (x86):

  • The Reporter is very slow starting.
  • Reindexing goes along OK but dies not complete.
  • The Reporter or Touch-Screen Assistant gets the new version number but the patches aren’t working.
  • The Reporter used to work but suddenly cannot be opened.
  • The Reporter won’t open with F5 safe mode.
  • dBASE PLUS Executable is not responding.

dBASE PLUS Executable is not responding

One Reporter installation that used to work suddenly could not be opened. The splash screen just sat there; could not be opened into safe mode with the function keys. Reporter was installed by the default into C:\Reporter\ on a Windows7 Home Edition 64 bit computer.

Received the error message:

dBASE PLUS Executable is not responding

Solution: Uninstall the Reporter and install into C:\Program Files (x86)\Reporter\. Point to the data in a location other than C:\Program Files (x86)\. The data worked on C:\Reporter\data\ on that computer because the user was an Adminstrator with full read and write access to the C: drive.