Volunteer Software

People Helping People

The Volunteer Reporter database runs on your own system, not the Web. The data folder is typically located on your local server using Windows file sharing with the Volunteer Reporter software installed on each workstation. Our additional module called the Web Assistant is the only Web based component. It enables people to sign up to be a volunteer and enables volunteers to enter their hours online. Your data only temporarily resides on our server and then you download it to your database with a send-and-receive within the Reporter.

Your Web Assistant data is very safe and secure, stored on a server in a data center with redundant power and internet connections, biometric security protocols, and it is backed up every night. Our server is in the USA. A huge measure of security is accomplished by limiting what information is sent over the Internet. You can limit what one-time application information to accept. The only routine data that you download are volunteer’s names, their job placements, and hours they have served. Your main data is still as secure as always on your own system.