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Occasionally we are asked about server hosting. The Volunteer Reporter works on any Windows network as a database using Windows file sharing. Only the data resides on your server and each workstation runs an installation of the Reporter. So it is not client-server hosting, nor do we host your data.

The Web Assistant is Web based additional module for which we do host Web entered data temporarily until it is downloaded into the local Reporter database. It is available as an annual subscription service that enables your volunteers to enter their hours from home, look at new job opportunities, and apply to be a volunteer on-line. It also allows station supervisors to login and enter their volunteers’ hours from any Web browser and applicants or users can send a message to your office. It interfaces with the Volunteer Reporter database.

The Web Assistant is hosted on our server but launches from your own website and returns to your volunteers page when your volunteer, station supervisor, or applicant is done. Your volunteer administrator does a send-and-receive from within the Reporter to download the new information into a holding zone on your local server. Then the admin approves it to instantly enter the data into the Reporter’s database.

Our licensing is different for each software product. You can calculate how many licenses you would need based on how many sites would be using the Reporter, how many kiosks use the Touch-Screen Assistant, or how many databases use the Web Assistant.

  • Licensing for the Volunteer Reporter pertains to locations, not number of users or records.
  • Licensing for the Touch-Screen Assistant pertains to each kiosk installation.
  • A subscription for the Web Assistant pertains to each database.