Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Enclosed are some specs for running the Volunteer Reporter and additional modules. The data folder is typically located on a local server using Windows file sharing with the Volunteer Reporter software installed on each workstation. All Reporter users must have full read and write access to the data folder. They also ought to have full read and write permissions on their C drive, or at least to the Reporter’s Program folder and their local temp folder.


  • Any Windows computer less than eight years old (less than five recommended).
  • The Volunteer Reporter program installed on each workstation.
  • The Reporter uses about 65 MB for the program installed on a work station.
  • Any Windows computer less than eight years old (less than five recommended), 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive or network for installation
  • Administrative rights for installation
  • Users’ read and write access to the local drive
  • One workstation connected to the Internet for Live Update


On a network, a safe rule of thumb for maximum server space size would be 25 MB per 1000 volunteers.

  • The database connects using Windows File Sharing
  • Shared data folder with full read and write access to each user
  • The Volunteer Reporter is typically not installed on the server.
  • Maximum server space size would be 25 MB per 1000 volunteers
  • DEP allowance on Windows 2003 Server

Touch Screen Assistant

The Touch Screen Assistant requires any touch screen monitor on a dedicated computer where volunteers sign in and out.

  • A touch screen monitor
  • A dedicated computer, nearly any computer, aka “kiosk” located for volunteer access, with the Assistant installed, the mouse and keyboard hidden
  • The Touch-Screen Assistant connects with the same data that the Volunteer Reporter uses.
  • The Volunteer Reporter is not installed on the kiosk.
  • Each kiosk requires a separate license with discounts for multiple licenses.
  • In lieu of a touch screen monitor, this is not recommended, but it will run on a regular monitor with a mouse for clicking the buttons for testing purposes.

Web Assistant

The Web Assistant enables people to sign up to be a volunteer and enables volunteers to enter their hours online.

  • Management from within the Volunteer Reporter.
  • Easy links for you to incorporate into your existing web site
  • Annual Support/upgrade bundle
  • Communication over port 80 in your browser to our IP address

Data Execution Prevention

Not routinely, and depending upon the OS setup, occasionally Windows requires DEP to allow the Reporter to run. Notably for Windows 2008 terminal server (64bit). Set DEP in Windows to “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”: (browse to) reporter.exe .

[Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance Settings | Data Execution Prevention.]

Reporter.exe resides in the Reporter’s program folder, typically C:\Reporter\Program\ or C:\Reporter\Program Files\Program.