Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Web Assistant Requirements

  • Management from within the Volunteer Reporter.
  • We send your links for you to incorporate into your existing web site.
  • Separate links for each database.

Webmaster Provides to Organization Staff

  • URL of the volunteer page where links reside
  • Header graphic, .gif or .jpg, 750px wide or less (send it to the Reporter user)

Web Assistant Security:

Your data is very safe and secure, stored on a server in a data center with redundant power and internet connections, biometric security protocols, and it is backed up every night. A huge measure of security is accomplished by limiting what information is sent over the Internet. You can limit what one-time application information to accept. The only routine data that you download are volunteer’s names, their job placements, and hours they have served. Your main data is still as secure as always on your own system.

Web Assistant License

  • Annual Web Assistant subscription per database.
  • Annual Support/upgrade bundle for all Volunteer Reporter locations.

Volunteer Organization Staff

The Volunteer administrators manage the jobs and user names from within the Volunteer Reporter. They can update those listings at will. We will walk them through their Web Assistant settings over the phone.

  • Web Access over port 80 [standard for websites].
  • Cookies set for the admin staff [and their volunteers].