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Combine Station Roster

Some agencies need to submit roster for more than one data set.

Create the stations roster on your computer then minimize it. Open the roster you want to copy. Note: Make sure the roster file names are different, for example RSVP of Johnson County and RSVP of Harvey County. If the names are identical, Excel will not let you open both at the same time. If this is the case, rename one of the rosters, click on file “save as”, rename it and save it in a folder you will remember later.

1. Click on cell D2 (should be the name of your first station) holding your shift key down use the right arrow key to highlight all of the filled data cells across the sheet and the down arrow key to highlight the cells to the bottom of your sheet.

2. Click on Edit | Copy

3. Maximize your sheet. scroll down to the last station and click once on the very next cell. Click on Edit | Paste.

To sort in Alpha order scroll up to the top of your sheet. Click once on the cell called “Volunteer Station Name,” again, holding the shift key down using your right and down arrow key, highlight the entire sheet.

On the upper tool bar – click on Data | Sort. The default should be volunteer station name, sort in ascending order. That should give you exactly what you need.


PFI is Performing for Impact indicated on the Station Roster by a Y or N in its column. This reflects whether or not the station has Impact jobs.

Excel: Consolidate data in multiple worksheets

Excel 2007 Help provides more official instructions which describe how to “Consolidate data in multiple worksheets.”