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Terminate Jobs/Clients

Q: How do you end a job or client without deleting them or the hours served for their placement?

A: In the Reporter database you almost never delete records. They cannot be recaptured once deleted.

By giving a termination date you terminate either the Job or client and that retains the records for reporting hours. Hours and Statistics reports still report hours served by volunteers at those jobs or for those clients for which hours were served during the period, even if they are terminated now. In constrast, all other reports provide only active, i.e., non-terminated, records.

Terminate a Job or Client

  • Open Jobs/Clients from the main menu.
  • Find the Job or Client.
  • Select the Info tab.
  • Click Edit.
  • Enter a Terminated date.
  • OK.
  • You are prompted, “Do you want to terminate this Job and all of the volunteer placements at it?” Click Yes.

Terminating the job/client automatically ends all of its volunteer placements, so you do not have to terminate those one by one.