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Terminating Stations

The ideal way to handle a station which is no longer contributing hours is to Terminate it. Terminating it ends the associated jobs and placements, too, but all the information is kept intact, including the Hours. That way you can run a report on hours for a period of time and any hours served at that station during the period will still appear on the report. But the station is stored in the inactive file so it is out of the way.

To terminate a station:

  • Open Stations.
  • Select the one which has not been submitting hours.
  • On the Dates & Info tab, click Edit.
  • Enter a date in the Terminated field.
  • You will receive a message:
    “Do you want to terminate this station, all of its jobs, and all of the volunteer placements at those jobs?”
  • Click Yes.
  • Then you will see that the station is stored in the inactive (Inact.) section of stations.