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Tracking Temporarily Terminated Volunteers

Temporarily Terminated Volunteers

You can terminate your volunteers who are temporarily inactive. And then restart them after they recover. That way you can use your Match button in Jobs to find potential volunteers for specific skills. The Match button only searches on skills but does not recognize any custom codes, e.g., for active/inactive.

“Emeritus” and “Prospective” Terminated Volunteers

There are various potential uses for tracking terminated volunteers. One is to keep sending them newsletters even though they will no longer be able to volunteer. Another is to maintain new applicants without cluttering up the active volunteers database or skewing the volunteers-to-hours ratio.

Terminate a Volunteer

Version 5.9: To terminate a volunteer, find the Volunteer | Dates & Info tab | Edit | click the Terminate button | Termination Cause. Be sure to give the volunteer a Termination Cause, perhaps “Temporary” or “health problems.” Be consistent so that you can filter on that value for mailing labels.

Version 6.0: To terminate a volunteer, on the Profile tab click Edit Volunteer. Enter a Terminated date. Be sure to give the volunteer a Termination Cause, perhaps “Temporary” or “health problems.” Be consistent so that you can filter on that value for mailing labels.

Add a Cause of Termination

If you need to add categories to the Termination Causes, click on File menu | Field Lists | Volunteer Fields | Termination Cause.

Click the Edit List button | Add | and type a new category | OK. If the Volunteers screen is open you need to close and reopen it to see the new value.

Restart a Volunteer v5.9

  • Volunteers | Inact. | Dates & Info tab | Edit
  • Click Restart or Edit Dates.
  • Restart gives a new starting date and maintains the original historical date.*
  • Edit Dates lets you remove the ending date so that it will appear as if the volunteer was never terminated.**

* If you click Restart, the new starting date will mean that a person’s Years of Service will reflect only the time he or she has been an active volunteer, subtracting the time of absence.

** If you click Edit Dates, removing the Stopped date results in the volunteer resuming as if he or she never left. This way computes as if the volunteer’s Lifetime Hours are continual since the original starting date.

Restart a Volunteer v6.0

  • Volunteers | Profile tab | Inact. | Restart Volunteer
  • Enter a Restarted date.
  • You may choose to restart job placements
  • Save.

Mailing Labels to Terminated Volunteers

You can still send your newsletter to volunteers who are out on medical leave by using a filter for your mailing labels. This method also avoids sending letters to those who are known to be deceased.

  • Filters | Add Filter | name it, e.g., Terminated Invite or Temp. Terminated
  • In the Volunteer Limits tab highlight “Include Terminated Volunteers?” | Edit Limitation | Yes
  • Highlight Termination Cause | Edit Limitation
  • Select the Termination Causes of people who will receive the mailing.
  • Click once on each desired Termination Cause to get the double arrow beside it: e.g., >>Health Issues
  • Save | Close filters.

Now you can use that filter to do a separate batch of Mailing Labels to terminated volunteers.