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How to Reveal Thumbnails in Reports

When previewing a report, thumbnails of each page are displayed in a column on the left side and the current report page is shown on the right. These thumbnails represent each page of the report. They allow you to easily choose the specific page you would like to view or print. You can also drag the vertical divider between the two panels either left or right in order to devote more area to either panel and resize the thumbnails.

If the thumbnails are not visible, point to the left side of the report preview. The cursor first turns to a double-headed arrow. That one will resize the window, which we do not want to do.


Move your cursor a hair to the right to activate the smaller double-arrow. When the cursor turns to a double-headed arrow with a bar in the middle, you can click, hold, and drag to the right to reveal the thumbnails.


Click and hold, then drag the bar to the right.


Release the cursor.


Now you can click a thumbnail to preview a specific page.


The animation below shows the whole procedure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t animate in Microsoft Outlook Mail. It does in FireFox.