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Touch-Screen Assistant Logout

The TSA cannot automatically logout a volunteer. The Who’s Here screen is designed for, among other things, monitoring volunteers who are still logged in long after their shifts. You can also edit the hours of a volunteer who did not log out in a timely manner.

Approve Hours Tab

The Hours Approval Limit can help remedy a situation when somebody neglected to log out on time. Sometimes the person will logout the next day so that he or she can login again. You canset it for a number of hours just a bit higher than the typical number of hours served for one day. Then anybody who neglected to log out and then logged out and back in the next day will have an obviously too high number of hours that you can edit on the Approve Hours screen.

  • Approve Hours tab
  • Select the volunteer
  • Click Edit
  • Edit the number of hours if necessary
  • Click Approve

The approved number of hours enters into the volunteer’s record.

Who’s Here? Tab

The admin can log out people who have not logged out on the Who’s Here? tab. They can be manually signed out from that screen with the appropriate number of hours. If you had set the limit to 4 hours, for instance, all the hours under 4 were approved automatically into the volunteers’ records.

  • Who’s Here? tab
  • Select volunteer
  • Click Sign Out
  • Enter Out Time
  • OR Enter Total Hours.
  • OK

Hours Approval Limit in Settings

In Settings | Hours Approval Limit | “Manually approve any time over [___] hours before posting” you can set hours to automatically enter the database up to the number specified in the field. Setting this limit to 0 indicates that all hours must be approved before posting. Any other number means that all hours under that number enter the database automatically. All hours over that number show up on the Approve Hours screen.

History Tab

The History tab displays the dates, hours, jobs and stations of volunteers who logged in and out on the Touch-Screen Assistant. The History Report (Print button) provides the Date Range and Sort Order parameters. Sort by: In Date, Out Date, Volunteer or Job. Like all reports, the History Report can be previewed, printed or exported.