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Touch-Screen Assistant Send a Survey Message

When sending messages to either an individual or a filtered group, you have the option to require a response from each volunteer. To require a response, click on the Set Responses button while creating a new message. You create a response set for the message so that the volunteers can only make one of a few valid choices. You can reuse an existing response set, like a common yes/no response, or create a new response set for a unique message. In this example, we created a yes/no response set to ask if the volunteer votes for a candidate in an election.

Assistants | Touch-Screen Assistant | Messages tab | New button



Group tab | Filter (optional) | Count & Prepare button

Type From, Subject, and Message, which is the survey question.

  • From: Donna
  • Subject: Secretary Election – please vote
  • Message: Do you want John Smith for secretary? (This is the survey question.)
  • Click Set Responses button


On the Select a Response Set screen:

  • Add Set | Add Option | Yes | OK |
  • Add Option | No | OK | Close
  • Your new Yes or No response set is highlighted. Click Select Set.


Title your response set, here it’s Yes or No.


Add Option | Yes.


Add another option that is No.

On the New Message screen click Save. Note that the screen will say: Response Required? Yes.

Add another survey Question with the subject: Treasurer Election – please vote a 2nd choice. And Message: Do you want Mary Jones for treasurer?


The Volunteer’s Experience with the Survey Message

On the kiosk after a volunteer logs in these messages display (along with an old saved message). The volunteer highlights the appropriate message and clicks Read.


The volunteer reads and responds by clicking the Respond button.


The volunteer highlights Yes or No and clicks OK.


Then you can Delete (or Save) the message.


Back at the Mail Messages screen the volunteer can choose to read the second message.


Then the secong survey is responded to in the same way.