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Tracking Volunteers’ Review Dates

Track Review Due Dates

Tracking which volunteers are due for review, and other anniversaries, is done by running a report.

First you set up some custom codes for what you want to track. To customize fields on the Codes tab, go up to the Reference Codes menu | Assign Field Names | Volunteer Field Names.

This screen lets you name the field, e.g., Review Date. Use a date field for that and decide whether that reflects the due date or the accomplished date.

You can also make a drop-down list of phases of the review process to go with that, something like: Passed, Failed, pending, etc… Notice that you can move fields up or down to pair them.

To add those Passed, Failed, pending, etc. values to the list, first name the field in Assign Field name, e.g., Annual Revu [had to abbreviate it]. Save and close with Save. Then go back up to the Reference Codes menu.

Reference Codes | Volunteer Codes | User-defined Fields | Annual Revu
Click Add and type in a value.
Click Add again for each value. Close

After you use these codes in your volunteer records, you can make and use filters to bring up reports which include only people whose custom code settings fit a specific date range or setting.