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Value Wage – the Value of Volunteer Time

Designate the value wage for all jobs. In File | Preferences | General tab you can update the default value wage for all or most jobs at once. When you enter a Value Wage amount and click OK, a message asks you, “since you have changed the default value wage, do you want to update all jobs that use the default value wage with this new amount?” Click Yes.

Individual jobs can have another value wage. In Jobs/Clients | Info tab | Value Wage $ set the amount. Alternatively, you can check the box to Use default value wage

Reporting the Value Wage totals


– Reports | Statistics | Total Enrollment and Hours | Date Range

The Total Enrollment and Hours report will report on the aggregate VALUE WAGE on line 26.

Reporting on the value wage for each job multiplied by the hours served at each job will only be meaningful if you entered a value wage for every job.

– Reports | Job Client Reports | Job Profile – Select Fields to Include: Value Wage $

This report lists one job per page with all the information you have chosen about each job. It displays how much the value wage is for each job. You can also run this report for a single jobfrom the Print button in that job’s profile in the Jobs/Clients section of the Reporter.


– Spreadsheets | Hours Served | Summary by Volunteer | date range.

The spreadsheet Hours Summary by Volunteer will report on each volunteer’s accumulated hours and value wage, along with other columns you may want to delete. You can sum the Value Wage column to get the total by dragging the cursor from the top number in the Value Wage column, ending the highlighting in a blank cell at the bottom, and then clicking the SUM (sigma Σ) symbol.