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Saving Messages Downloaded with the Web Assistant

Message are sent three ways through the Web Assistant:

  1. Via the Messages button
  2. Additional information from an applicant
  3. Or the comment box at the end of the Hours Entry screen.

Those messages all download to the Messages – Inbox tab in the Web Assistant “back end” in the Reporter.

Currently you can only copy a Web Assistant message by clicking the reply button (even though you are not actually replying) and copying. Then you can go into the volunteer’s record and paste the text into the Comments.

You can only save a message to an existing volunteer’s record.

  1. If the message is from an applicant, you first must Approve the new applicant.
  2. Jot down the new person’s name.

Now capture the message:

  • Open the Messages – Inbox tab.
  • Select the message.
  • Click REPLY.
  • Highlight the text.
  • Press Ctrl-C on the keyboard.
  • Cancel out of the message.
  • Click the Volunteers icon (way up top left). icon_volunteers
  • Open the volunteer’s record.
  • Click the Comments tab. commenttab
  • Click the Edit Comment button. editcommentbutton
  • Paste the text into the Comments field [use either Ctrl-V or Edit menu | Paste]. OK

We have a suggestion on the Wish List to streamline the process of saving Web Assistant messages.