Volunteer Software

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Past Hours for the Job

A volunteer who logs on and enters hours served using the Web Assistant sees the hours just entered as well as previously entered—in two different screens.


“Recent hours that haven’t yet been approved may not be listed.”

This list includes hours that have already been approved and uploaded. So they are already in the Reporter database. What may not be listed are the hours that are not yet approved, which are [1] still on the server waiting to be downloaded or [2] in your holding zone in the Web Assistant hours screen awaiting for approval or [3] not yet uploaded after approval.

Hours Saved

After the volunteer finishes entering the hours for one job, the following message appears.


This message confirms the amount of the hours just entered by the volunteer for one job. The volunteer has the option to enter more hours for that job or another job, or the volunteer can log out.

After the volunteer coordinator approves hours from the Web, a send-and-receive, including sending volunteers, updates the online records.