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Web Assistant Jobs List

Specified Jobs List Filter

You can decide just which jobs to publish on the Web Assistant site. Most customers choose not to send all their jobs to the Web since some jobs are filled or not yet open. They send only those chosen “Web Jobs” to the Web using a filter on selected jobs. The list can be changed as often as daily with a send and receive.

First, in Filters, Add Filter called Web Jobs or something that makes sense to you. On the Job Limits tab highlight Selected Jobs and click Edit Limitation. Click on each job to select those you want to send so that the double arrow to the left marks each. A couple of tricks might make it faster to select them.

  1. If you have LOTS of jobs to select, click Select All and then click the ones you do not want to send to deselect them.
  2. You can press a letter on the keyboard to fast forward to higher letters in the alphabet. It’s faster than scrolling.

You can edit this list other times as job openings change.


When you do a send-and-receive

  • On the Send Jobs to the Web Assistant screen, check to send a new list
  • Set your Web Jobs filter
  • Count & Prepare
  • You now can Sort Jobs if you’d like to place some more urgent ones near the top
  • Complete the sending process

Organize the Jobs List

Here are some ideas to better organize a long list of jobs for easy skimming.

  • You could design your job list so that jobs group logically by the way you name jobs since they automatically arrange themselves in alphanumeric order.
  • You can prefix the station name or acronym to each job so that jobs at the same site will group together.
  • You can, as mentioned, arrange your job order with the “Sort Jobs” button each time you send your jobs to the Web.

For when people enter their hours on the Web, you could choose to arrange jobs with the station name to group them [in the Web Assistant | Settings | Hours Collection tab].

Generic Jobs

Some customers choose not to send all their jobs to the Web and instead make dummy generic jobs based on function rather than actual placement. They put an asterisk before each of those job names so they all alphabetize to the top of the job list for easy identification. Then they send only those asterisked “Web Jobs” to the Web using a filter on selected jobs. When volunteers and applicants choose among those jobs via the Web Assistant, then the admin places them in actual jobs.

I hope these ideas will make your job list more manageable. We’d be happy to explore these options with you over the phone.