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Web Assistant Login Problems

Several details need to be in place before a user can login.

  • Auto Assign to firstnameLastname usernames
  • Users must have an active placement
  • New volunteers and their placements must be uploaded with a send-and-receive, including the both the Volunteers & Jobs screens.
  • When a volunteer whose record has already been uploaded to the Web Assistant gets a new placement, Jobs must be counted and uploaded with a send-and-receive.
  • First time users must login initially with the default password [defined in the Settings section of the Web Assistant] and change their password.

Potential user errors:

  • Volunteers must have cookies enabled in their browser [i.e., Internet Explorer or Firefox].
  • Username and password are not case sensitive, but people sometimes put a space which should not be there.
  • If there is a middle initial in the account, that can foil an automatically assigned user name.
  • If the name is like another name, e.g., John Smith, the Reporter will add a number after one of the duplicate names.
  • Volunteers can change username and not remember doing it.
  • Volunteers can confuse similar looking characters like a lower case L and number 1.