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The following method works for Volunteer Reporter versions before 5.9. As of version 5.9, both the years of service and lifetime hours conveniently calculate according to the as-of date you enter.


The quickest way to see volunteers’ years of service is to create the Years of Service Report and sort it by Lifetime Hours.

Reports | Volunteer Reports | Years of Service


  • Leave the Calculate as Of at the current date or set it to the ending time of interest.
  • On the Sort Order field, select Lifetime Hours, if that is your focus
  • or select Years of Service


Note that the hours or years of service, whichever you chose, are sorted in Descending order. The volunteers with the most hours are at the top of your list.

Lifetime Hours NOTE:

The Lifetime Hours in this report are always calculated as of today (prior to v5.9). No matter how you set the date in the Years of Service report, or if you change the computer’s date, it brings up the number of hours in the Lifetime Hours field in the volunteer’s record.

If you are gathering figures for the Presidential awards, a specific spreadsheet in the Reporter includes much of the information you need.

Revised 04/Aug/2011