The Volunteer Reporter

We are confident that the Volunteer Reporter has everything you’ll ever need in a volunteer management program. Designed for beginner or advanced computer users, the Volunteer Reporter maximizes your efficiency, giving you time for what matters most — your volunteers.




At Volunteer Software, we’ve devoted over twenty years to developing volunteer management software specifically designed to streamline your volunteer management duties. Our program, the Volunteer Reporter, offers an array of powerful features that will help you create custom reports, spreadsheets, templates, mail merges, volunteer profiles and much more. This Windows-based program is extremely user-friendly and was developed for both the beginner and advanced computer user. We are confident that making the Volunteer Reporter part of your organization will give you time for what matters most – your volunteers.

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The Reporter is organized around the way your office works. No computer experience needed – the Reporter speaks plain English. Just fill in the blanks and the Reporter does all the record and bookkeeping.

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Volunteer Information

The Reporter enables you to choose which information to keep about your volunteers and and in what order you want it displayed. It is very easy to find a volunteer and see all of their details including demographics, emergency contacts, hours served, and upcoming schedules..

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Station Information

A station is an organization that needs volunteers and is further broken down into one or more jobs. Your volunteers then serve at a stations’s jobs.

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Job Information

These are the actual jobs or clients at which volunteers are placed and serve. Each job is associated to one station although a station will often consist of several different jobs in order to differentiate exactly what a volunteer is doing.

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A placement is nothing more than a record of when a volunteer started serving at a particular job. When a volunteer stops serving at a job, we enter an ending date.

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Adding Hours

Adding hours is a breeze. Just point and click to add hours for every volunteer at every job. The Reporter shows you all active placements so you can quickly and efficiently enter hours.

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Schedule Volunteers

It’s simple to schedule your volunteers. Point to the day and click the times they are due to serve. Repeat a volunteer’s schedule week after week with the Duplicate button.

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30 Day Free Trial

We’re happy to let you try the Volunteer Reporter because you’ll quickly see how powerful, yet easy it is to use.
You can download the Reporter to your computer right now. It will run for 30 days, reminding you every day how many more days you have left in your trial. At the end of the month, it will stop working unless you purchase a license, which you can do with a credit card, check or purchase order.

Not a Demo

You download the full, working copy of the Reporter so that you can really work with it and see if it will suit your needs. If you just want to see the screens and a demonstration of how it works, you can do that right here on the web by taking a visual tour or watching the training videos.

Nothing to Lose

You won’t lose any data you enter during your trial period. When you purchase a license, your demo will be unlocked with all of your work still there.

If you have any questions or need help during your trial month, call us on our toll-free line at 800-391-9446 or 406-721-0113. We’re here to help and we want you to have a successful trial.

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Please enter your email contact information so that we can check in with you during your trial to see how it is going. On the next screen you will be able to download the Reporter.

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The Volunteer Reporter is the most powerful volunteer management database available. These core features are key to begin organizing your volunteers today.

  • Names, addresses, phones, and emails
  • Birthdays and ages
  • Group Emails
  • Years of service
  • Statistics for any period of time
  • Skills Bank – find the right person for the job
  • Hours Served – by station or volunteer
  • Scheduling
  • Stations and jobs
  • Reimbursements
  • Board members and other groups
  • Time sheets
  • Mass mailings – labels, envelopes, & letters
  • Merge Files
  • Active/inactive volunteers
  • Placements History
  • Instant reports – by month, quarter, or year
  • Custom reports – through Excel


We continuously update our software to accommodate the needs of volunteer managers. We achieve this by regularly gathering information from our customers as to what key features need to be added or upgraded. The end result is a software program that continues to evolve as your organization grows.

Easy to Use

We are confident that the Volunteer Reporter has everything you’ll ever need in a volunteer management program. Designed for beginner or advanced computer users, the Volunteer Reporter maximizes your efficiency, giving you time for what matters most — your volunteers.

Required Equipment

  • Any Windows computer less than eight years old (less than five years old recommended).
  • 256 MB of memory, RAM. (512 MB recommended).
  • CD drive needed for installation.
  • Any laser or ink-jet printer.
  • The Reporter is multi-user and ready for any network

We have a full comprehensive series of tutorials available for free on our website.
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